Ghosts of Eagle Valley
By Ellen Smith

Pratiti Renée Mehta      7/06/20 8:58 PM

Absolutely amazing!!

Sharon L. Clark      12/06/18 12:14 AM

I really enjoyed these stories, Ellen! Your writing is emotional and concise. You did an excellent job of showing the personality of each character without having to write and rite. Loved all the stories!

Serena Gulledge      9/13/16 4:27 AM

I enjoyed all these stories. Presenting them as their own snapshot helped make the world your main book inhabits all the more real.
Ellen Smith      9/17/16 1:38 PM
Thank you so much, Serena! I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. Your comment made my day! :)

Angel Ramon      7/18/16 1:45 AM

I finally got to sharing your book and getting you on twitter. Give my series a check, it will blow your mind even more! If you like sci-fi/paranormal/time travel that is! :)
Ellen Smith      7/19/16 5:29 PM
Thank you for sharing, Angel! I'm definitely checking out your series- I love reading sci-fi, paranormal, and time travel, so it sounds pretty awesome to me! :)

Angel Ramon      7/07/16 6:55 PM

Hey you got twitter or facebook so I can share your book?
Ellen Smith      7/13/16 7:03 PM
I do! On Twitter I am @EllenSmithWrite and my facebook page is Thanks for sharing!

Angel Ramon      7/07/16 6:49 PM

I always saw ghosts as something to be scared of or something you would associate with horror and terror. However this book kind of changed that for me, it's a risky thing to do. However your execution is good, wish there was more though.
Ellen Smith      7/13/16 7:01 PM
Thank you, Angel! I used to be absolutely terrified by ghost stories (and vampire movies...and anything else related to horror!) Then I started wondering about the real people whose lives (and deaths) inspired the ghost stories we hear today, and that inspired this series! Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

Lloyd A. Green      6/01/16 5:21 AM

I was surprised to find these four relaxing stories concerning ghost. Didn't think there was such a thing. I really like your style of writing. Thank you for these. Lloyd
Ellen Smith      6/27/16 4:12 PM
Thank you so much, Lloyd! I'm glad you enjoyed the series! Ellen