In lieu of receiving payments, a few writers have elected to have their Channillo earnings donated directly to a favorite charity. We call this option Channillo For Charity and absolutely love empowering writers who are willing to share their work for a good cause!

Earnings for each individual series are determined by the number of subscribers that series has. Therefore, each time you subscribe to one of the series below, you are directly supporting the selected charity. If you would like to support your own favorite charity by writing a Channillo For Charity series, please see the FAQ page for more details and fill out an application form here.

Current Channillo For Charity Series:

Colors by Celaine Charles
Selected Charity: Mary's Place

Balancing by Jazbeen Henna
Selected Charity: Dress For Success Houston

Sera Storme by Marcel Barker
Selected Charity: Battered Woman's Support Services

Lockheed Elite by Tyler Wandschneider
Selected Charity: Worldbuilders

The Spell of No’an (KIRINS: Book One) by James Priest
Selected Charity: The Salvation Army

Ghosts of Eagle Valley by Ellen Smith
Selected Charity: Alzheimer's Association

The Last Minuters by Olin Wish
Selected Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The Blossom of the Soul by Valerie Christie
Selected Charity: Mind

Sad Taxidermy by Olin Wish
Selected Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Kalika: Vol One by Judith Boswell
Selected Charity: RAINN (The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network)

Female Anonymous by Maria Mavropoulou
Selected Charity: Planned Parenthood

What a Life! What a Day! by Curtis Bausse
Selected Charity: Against Malaria Foundation

Breath of Water by A. N. Jones
Selected Charity: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Poetry Train U.S.A. & Canada (Stories Version) by John E. WordSlinger (John E. O'Hara)
Selected Charity: Mountain Lion Foundation

The Ghostly Encounter and other short stories by Marjorie Hembroff
Selected Charity: Alberta Heart and Stroke

Life of Fly by Suzan Ok
Selected Charity: Save the Honeybee Foundation

Girlhood by Ivory Butler
Selected Charity: OCD New York

Promenade of Light and Shadow by Phynne Bellecieux
Selected Charity: Contra Costa Humane Society

Sorrow of Tomorrow by Adam
Selected Charity: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Novi: Event Horizon by Brandann R. Hill-Mann
Selected Charity: Scarleteen

Not William The Stories Shakespeare Didn't Write by J. J. Anderson
Selected Charity: Macular Society